Pangarappilly, Pangarappilly , Thrissur

Members of our province had a feeling that our activities were concentrated in developed areas of the Province. Hence, we decided that we should start some new institution in those areas where our presence is not yet felt. Accordingly, on March 6, 1980 we purchased eleven acres of land, along with an upper primary school in it, at Pangarappilly. It is situated towards the northern border of the Diocese of Trichur where catholics from the south have settled down and have no facilities for their spiritual needs. At present, there are 176 catholic families here and still more are migrating to this place. Our presence here would be of much help to these families and we will have ample scope for catechesis as well as for evangelisation. Fr. Joseph Virgil with his missionary vision, zeal and experience was mainly responsible for this undertaking.
A small house was built close to the school building and the centre was formally erected on July 3, 1981. The blessing and the inauguration of the present house was on December 13, 1986. The starting of St. Joseph’s High School in 1983 and the opening of St. Joseph’s Parish in 1987 gave new dimensions to the apostolic activities of the house. It is worth mentioning that the high school scored cent percent result continuously in the first academic years.

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