Chalakudy - Carmel Bhavan, Chalakudy

The people of Chalakudy, with a desire to have a quality school at Chalakudy, formed a Committee and approached Devamatha Province for its realisation. The Committee raised enough fund to purchase ten acres of land for this purpose. Thus on 16th July 1975, the long cherished dream of the people of Chalakudy blossomed – Carmel School was established on that day.
The construction of the building of Carmel Bhavan was started in 1977 for which Christ Monastery, Irinjalakuda made generous contribution. It was due to the dynamism and drive of Rev. Fr. Gabriel that the Carmel Complex became a reality in such a short time.
All sections of the local people look upon Carmel School not simply as an educational institution, but as a complex to give them leadership in their spiritual, educational and cultural life. Carmel Bhavan was raised to the status of a ‘House’ through P.C./5/95, Act 15/24-3-95.
Higher secondary education was introduced in 2002 and Carmel High School now has grown into a full-fledged Higher Secondary School.
The launching of a new stream – Carmel Academy, CMI ICSE School on 16th July 2009 was yet another giant step in fulfilling the needs of the people of Chalakudy.

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